High School Travel Program for 15U – 17U

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Our Program

The goal of our high school travel program is to prepare and develop the players to be competitive on their teams. We will prepare them for high school tryouts and help supplement their high school experience with professional instruction and consistent reps at their main positions.

Another way of telling you about our program is to tell you how we differ from other programs. We are more concerned with the player developing than we are about winning tournaments.

We will evaluate our players at several key points during the year and determine the course that is best for our players development. Whether that be practice games, tournaments, joining a league, or scrimmage games, we will make sure our players are playing at the same level they will see in high school and make sure they are actively participating at every point during our season.

Our fall and winter programs will primarily focus on making sure they are in the best shape possible for their high school tryouts. There will also be supplemental opportunities to work on individual skills like pitching, hitting, defense and catching.

We will try to keep costs low and be very aware of time commitment. We will stay local and try to be efficient with games and practices. We will be respectful of your time and other commitments. We want the players either playing and getting reps or home with their friends and families. Our goal is not about collecting plastic trophies but to develop high school baseball players into the best high school players they can become.