We’re very excited to announce the Downers Grove Dragons are joining the DGYB family as part of the DGYB Travel League.

It’s great that DGYB has recognized all the hard work our coaches and parents have put in over the last 10 years. The Dragons will continue to be a great option for Downers Grove kids who love playing baseball. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to continue to run the Dragons program the same way we have since the start with the added support and benefits of being part of DGYB.

I would like to personally thank DGYB and Rob Rooney for being very generous with their time and efforts in making this happen. I personally coached all three of my sons in DGYB over the course of 10+ years and have a tremendous amount of respect for the program they have built.

Read the DGYB statement here:

Contact me with any questions.

Dan O’Connell
Downers Grove Dragons