To our Downers Grove Dragons Family,

We hope that you have all been enjoying an exciting return to baseball. While
you have been off enjoying a return to the diamond, we have been hard at work on the
future of our organization. With the being said, we are pleased to announce a new
partnership with the Illinois Premier Baseball Organization, which will bring some very
exciting opportunities for our Dragon players.

First and foremost, we want to reassure everyone that this does not mean that
our organization will be moving away from our original philosophy of live local, play
local. We are strongly dedicated to providing travel baseball to those that live in, and
want to represent the Downers Grove Community, and that will never change. Illinois
Premier is excited to bring their depth of knowledge and wealth of experience to not
only our organization, but the Downers Grove Baseball Community.

What this does mean is a first-rate training facility, the Quarry Fieldhouse in
Romeoville, for our winter training needs and the use of professional instructors from
Baseball Institute, to provide state-of-the-art, technology driven training and
instruction to our players.

We hope that you are as excited about this partnership, and the future of
Downers Grove Dragons as we are!


Dan O’Connell, President Downers Grove Dragons
Alberto Vieyra, Youth Director Downers Grove Dragons

Mario Ortiz, President Illinois Premier Baseball
Chris Pack, Director of Baseball Operations Illinois Premier Baseball
Erik Lis, Hitting Coordinator / Director of Player Development Illinois Premier Baseball